Write For Success TodayWrite For Success provides a virtual classroom designed to provide your child with online writing instruction.  Students enroll in classes either live or recorded and are given assignments which receive instructor feedback.  Through the classes offered, students will learn to use the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) method to write with structure and style.

This incremental approach teaches writing through the use of models to help students with the process of organizing and presenting their ideas.  Additionally, students are trained to use variety and creativity in expression.

As an accredited instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing program, I look forward to coaching students and giving them tools to help them gain confidence in their ability to write well.

While Write for Success’s primary goal is to teach students composition skills, all courses are presented from a distinctly biblical, Christian perspective.

Opportunities are available for beginners as well as those who are already familiar with this system.  Check out all class options to see which course best meets your child’s needs, and enable your child to begin learning from the comfort of your own home.