Advanced 2 Grades 10-12

Students will receive thirty weeks of instruction. Lessons from the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s The Elegant Essay will teach students how to elaborate on basic essay-writing skills.  Students will also receive instruction in how to properly paraphrase, integrate direct quotations, and provide citations.   Students will write several different types of essays including a Unit 8  long Super Essay.  Students will also have an opportunity to prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation to the class.  Each session lasts approximately one hour. Live sessions are limited to 15 students.  Click here to view class syllabus.

Day & Time: Thursday, 12:30 p.m. EST

First Class: September 10, 2020

Last Class: May 13, 2021

Prerequisites: Experience writing a basic essay

Required Material (Click here to order):  The Elegant Essay Student Book $29

Please complete the registration form found HERE and make payment using the PayPal button below. Choose the desired course from the dropdown menu.

Live with Evaluation – $500

Recorded with Evaluation – $450