Advanced 3 Grades 10-12

Students will receive thirty weeks of instruction from the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Writing Research Papers:  The Essential Tools and will sharpen their skills by applying the research and writing process to complete three research papers.  Students will be instructed in research paper format, how to properly paraphrase, integrate direct quotations, and implement citations, and how to effectively perform online and offline research.  Each class lasts approximately one hour.  Live sessions are limited to 15 students.  Click here to view syllabus.

Day & Time: Thursday, 2:00 p.m. EST

First Class: September 10, 2020

Last Class: May 13, 2021

Prerequisites: Two years high school-level writing experience

Required Material (Click here to order):  Writing Research Papers:  The Essential Tools Student Book $29

Please complete the registration form found HERE and make payment using the PayPal button below. Choose the desired course from the dropdown menu.

Live with Evaluation – $500

Recorded with Evaluation – $450