Intermediate 3

Intermediate 3 – Grades 8 – 10

This course includes thirty lessons which teaches students multiple forms of composition. Classes will begin with a quick exercise in annotating, summarizing, and responding to a short article. The first 15 weeks of class will focus on 6 fundamental purposes for writing. These classes will incorporate the IEW techniques students have already learned as well as teach them how to properly implement citations. The remaining weeks will be devoted to narrative writing and literary analysis. Students will learn how to skillfully incorporate narrative elements and dialog into their narrative writing. Additionally, they will learn how to analyze literary works instead of simply summarizing them. Each live session lasts approximately one hour and is limited to 12 students.  Click here to view class syllabus.

Day & Time: Tuesday, 2:00 p.m. EST

First Class: September 10, 2019

Last Class: May 12, 2020

Prerequisites: Two years of writing experience using the IEW method

Required Curriculum:  None


Live with Evaluation – $400

Recorded with Evaluation – $375